Wintry love poems

1. Like the unshaven prickle
of a sharpened razor,
this new coldness in the air,
the pang
of something intangible.

Filling our eyes,
The sinusitis of perfume
without perfume.

And then love’s vertigo,
love’s exactitude,
this snow, this transfiguration
we never quite get over.

How Snow Falls. Craig Raine, in Granta‘s ‘100’ in 2009.

2. She tells her love while half asleep,
In the dark hours,
With half-words whispered low:
As Earth stirs in her winter sleep
And puts out grass and flowers
Despite the snow,
Despite the falling snow.

She Tells Her Love While Half Asleep . Robert Graves (found in Possession)

3. O, my love, there’s sun in the crook of your arms — Grace Schulman. (:) Poetry Foundation spotting in Ranchi.


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