For Ganesh Ram

Today I called Diwakar two months since I got a new Ranchi number and he said Ganesh Ram died. He had a fever and he died. He said he was not able to tell me because the last number I gave him, the SIM that I lost in November, did not work even after all the times he had tried. Ganesh Ram wanted to write stories for the movies. We first met last June in the circuit house in Sundarbani in Jammu. He and Navin Ram had managed to slip out of the OMS eent bhatta when the jamadar Raju … Continue reading For Ganesh Ram


Thirty spokes converge at the wheel’s hub, to a hole that allows it to turn. Clay is shaped into a vessel, to enclose an emptiĀ­ness that can be filled. Doors and windows are cut into walls, to provide access to their protection. Though we can only work with what is there, use comes from what is not there. —Lao Tsu. (determined with respect to an essential absence.) Incomplete Nature; via Dee Continue reading “Absential”